Get "Un-Ready" With Me!


Parts of me really wanted to do this as video and then other part of me was like, LOL NO. 

I've got 2 blog segments on the way and this one is all about getting "unready" with me and how I take care of my skin at night. The other will be getting ready with me and how I take care of my skin for the day ahead. Keep an eye out for that one! 

My unready routine typically varies. Mostly between what toners and moisturizers I use from day to day. I made a post about this back in liiiiikkke April? Its changed quite a bit already since then! 
Lately, I've been getting a lot of comments and questions from people I know and strangers about my skin and what I do to keep it so fresh, clear and glowing. I think the biggest change has been in the products I use. I was uneducated for the longest time and just slapped whatever I could find that was cheap enough on my face praying for a damn miracle. Lame. I was also very uneducated about what the hell I was supposed to be eating to support my skin! 

Eat Beautiful by Wendy Row was recommended by Ashley from the blog The Girl Aglow (check out her Minneapolis based fashion/beauty blog here!)! She mentioned this book in her June Favorites, so naturally I grabbed while out on Sunday. This book is feeding my soul and everthing I'm about right now! It walks you through what the best foods are of the season; when they're at their nutritional peak! There is actually recipes in here this picky girl will eat! Not to mention, how aesthetically pleasing is this book!? I can't put it down. 
It's not a joke when they say you are what you eat. Think about that very over used quote for a minute because no truer words have been spoken. 

Something you'll maybe notice in these products is that these are all cruelty free brands and more on the natural side with their ingredients. I am transitioning into only using cruelty free brands that work with my sensitive skin. Something to also note is that I consume very little processed dairy products (lots of almond milk and vegan cheese over here!) and I generally don't consume any red meat. These 2 things were a huge contributor to my acne. Jake and I have been practicing a vegan diet 2-3 days a week and as much as I thought I wasn't going to like it, I really do. My body is responding well to it and my morals align with it! 

Anyway, I have ALWAYS struggled with my skin. If its not a breakout on my chin, it's on my forehead. If its not on my forehead, its on my cheek. If my skin was clear for 2 days, I'd get my period the next and then HELLLLLO hormonal breakout. It was just a cycle. On top of all of that, I'm a picker. It's my worst habit. I wish I had more photos because the one below is from back in January when my skin was acting up. This isn't even close to the worst it's been, I can promise you that. Ask my mom, she used to yell at me when my skin would get really bad because she knew I was picking at it. I've been left with scars to prove it. 

I AM a Glossier Rep and I DO make SMALL commissions with every sale that comes through my link. I AM NOT being paid to write this post and all opinions are my own. I was using Glossier products months before my partnership with them, so don't even go there. 

  • I always, every single night cleanse and remove my makeup with Milky Jelly Cleanser. There are 3 main things in my nightly routine that have made a difference since the beginning and this is one of them. After one week I started noticing an insane difference. I like this cleanser so much because it removes my eye makeup and I don't have to use those harsh, alcoholy wipes from the drugstore to get my exotic eye off! I NEVER have traces of makeup after using this. 


  • I go in with a second cleanser because my skin is really dry and I like to intensely hydrate before bed. This contains aloe vera and carrot seed oil and my skin lives for it. I use the Yes To Carrots Cream Cleanser. I've been using this for 3 years now and I don't know why I ever stopped. This is the second thing that changed the overall appearance in my skin.
    My skin was under control for a good year and then I wanted to "switch it up". Advice: If you have a cleanser you KNOW works, don't stop using it. Just don't. 


  • I picked up the Pixi Glow Tonic a few weeks ago and I've really been liking it. It helps exfoliate my dry skin because of the glycolic acid and my skin personally really likes the aloe vera to help lock in moisture. I also can't use toners with alcohol because my skin is so sensitive. I just use 2-3 drops into my hand and work it into my skin.


  • I grabbed the Mario Badescu hyrolonic eye cream because I ran out of my vitamin e from the Body Shop. While I like the Body Shop one, I wanted something a bit more intense and hydrating. So far I really like this, not much of an opinion has formulated quite yet but so far its good! I use a very teeny tiny bit of this for my under eyes & lids. 
  • I use the Glossier Priming Moisturizer Rich for my nightly moisturizer. This scared me for so long because theres lavender in it but its actually done a lot to soothe my sensitivity! I use about a dime size and work it into my face and neck. This is the 3rd thing that helped transform my skin.


  • To finish off, I lather some Balm Dot Com all over my lips and dry patches! I wish people would stop saying its basically vaseline because vaseline doesn't absorb like this stuff does!


Here is my decently clear face NOW! :) This is freshly washed, toned and moisturized skin and on my life no editing/filter/photoshop on this photo. 


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